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IJssel Predictive Maintenance is part of the IJssel Group. IJssel is a knowledge company with business experts, engineers and technicians. Our people work with head, heart and hands. They know the theory and practice and they have the guts and creativity to use that knowledge for smart solutions. We build, improve and maintain production processes based on a thorough knowledge of practice.

We form lasting relationships with our customers based on loyalty and trust. We do not see ourselves as a supplier, but as a partner. That is why we can take responsibilities off your hands and, if necessary, also invest financially in partnerships.

IJssel Predictive Maintenance

IJssel sees optimal lubrication maintenance as an important part of building, improving and maintaining production processes. With the acquisitions of Oliveira and Solinas Benelux, we have more than 25 years of experience in the field of proactive and predictive maintenance and the optimization of all grease and oil lubricated installations.

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Proactive lubrication maintenance

Do you think maintenance is expensive? We are convinced that smart maintenance could save you money. We are your specialist in the field of proactive maintenance, lubrication and condition-dependent maintenance. From improving and setting up a new maintenance program to taking over the responsibility of the entire maintenance for your organisation. Together, we will review your production processes to ascertain any current or future potential issues. Only then will we review how can we best make your maintenance predictable ensuring increased reliability and uptime of your assets.

Using the IJssel model, we ensure that continuous improvement becomes the basis for your maintenance, ensuring you get the best from your employees and resources with targeted innovation and effective cost savings.

Condition Based Maintenance

We are specialists in condition-dependent maintenance. We help you collect the most relevant data and convert this into actionable information to determine the optimal maintenance strategy for you. For this, our specialists use techniques based on risk analysis (RCM, RBM, FMECA). We are also happy to help you with your lubrication maintenance, from stock management, periodic lubrication and lubrication analysis.

Our software program UpTimeWorks will optimise your maintenance – and therefore your production. It collects and analyses data and detects parameters that indicate a change in the condition of your installations. This will give you an insight into the condition of your assets, preventing any unexpected outages increasing uptime cost-effectively

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