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Lubrication maintenance is the cornerstone of a healthy machine park. That is why we are proud that IJssel is the exclusive partner of Noria, the institute in the field of lubrication best practices.

Noria training courses for professionals

Our Noria training courses are the starting point for optimizing and increasing machine reliability and lifetime. The training courses provide professionals with all the knowledge and skills they need to progress from Greaser to Lubrication Engineer. Noria training and courses are suitable for all levels, from a starter to an experienced mechanic, technician or engineer. Follow the entire training course from Machinery Lubrication I to Oil Analysis III and become the expert in the field of lubrication maintenance.

Our certificates

Why learn a Noria training? 

The training courses are the basis for setting up a good and reliable lubrication maintenance program. With specific information and tools for setting up and managing your lubrication program, interpreting oil analysis and lubrication handling and control. In our training courses you will learn what maintenance really is and why it is so important for a reliable machine park. We dive into chemistry and tribology (friction science). How are oil and actually built up? Which properties do they have and which properties do you need in your valuable assest? What is oil cleanliness, how do you measure it? How does pollution arise? What is needed to set up a gearbox? How do you take an oil sample? And where, when and how often do you do this? We provide professionals with tools to collect and interpret data in a pure manner.

ICML certification

ICML offers various certificates for Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA), Machinery Lubrication Technician (MLT) and Laboratory Lubricant Analyst (LLA). These certificates are included in the ISO 18436-4 and 18436-5 standards. These certificates are the hallmark of a professional. ICML exams world wide recognised and accepted.


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